Freeman Hospital

Visit With Ease

The Freeman Hospital is situated near Heaton in Newcastle, which is fairly close to Jesmond, the location of the Rosebery Hotel. The Rosebery is only 1.1 miles away from the Freeman hospital, making it accessible for both short and long term patients and loved ones.

Where Is It?

Freeman Road,
High Heaton,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

How To Get There

A the Rosebery is so close, it is the nearest hotel to the Freeman hospital, making it the ideal location to stay if you or a loved one has an appointment in Newcastle.

We also cater for long term guests from the Freeman hospital, providing larger rooms, use of the hotel kitchen and a complimentary washing service. The Rosebery appreciates that relatives of patients at the Freeman sometimes have to deal with stressful situations, so the staff at the hotel will always do their best to ensure that you are looked after with sensitivity and care during your stay.

Getting to the Freeman from the Rosebery is relatively easy, as the 38 bus runs right outside the hotel at the Cradlewell stop and takes you to the main entrance to the hospital in fifteen minutes. Buses run every approximately every five minutes from 05:00 AM to midnight.

There is also a very pleasant walk through Jesmond Dene Park from the hotel to the hospital, which takes around minutes.

Alternatively, a taxi can be arranged through the hotel, taking ten minutes for an affordable fare.

What Is It?

The Freeman hospital is relied upon by patients with long-term illness or conditions in order to receive the correct treatment from experienced professionals.

As the hospital has no A&E department, it is used exclusively for patient treatments, check-ups, advice and surgeries. It is also used as a teaching hospital by nursing and medical students from the local universities.

The Freeman hospital is well known as having performed the very first single and double lung transplants in the country, as well as the first paediatric heart transplant in the UK. Nationally, the Freeman is listed as the third transplant hospital in the country by the government and is the location of the institution of transplantation.

The Northern Cancer Centre is also housed in the Freeman hospital and is home to the Bobby Robson clinical trials unit for oncology.

What's Nearby?

The Paddy Freeman Park can be found next to the Freeman hospital, for a peaceful stroll through the greenery. This can often be a welcome break if you or a loved one needs to spend a prolonged amount of time in the hospital.

You can also find St Francis Church right next to the Freeman hospital, as well as parts of Jesmond Dene.

The hospital itself has small shops available for anything you may need during your time there.

Remember, when you book your stay, use the code FreemanTEN to get 10% off your stay!