New BBC Interior Design TV Show: Your Home in Their Hands

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BBC Show Your Home In Their Hands
Interior Design On A Budget

If you were watching the new BBC1’s interior design TV show, Your Home in Their Hands, you may have seen a chic, boutique hotel styled bedroom and a stunning, light and airy Vintage Chic styled dining room.

Well, we’re going to let you in a number of secrets and tell you where all of those fabulous items of furniture and decorative features, for both the lovely rooms were sourced from. And how they were transformed into the beautiful bespoke, hand-finished pieces, for Yvonne and Dan Lavery, that you saw on Your Home In Their Hands.

At the Rosebery, a Hotel in Jesmond, we love to source locally and in the region, wherever possible and for the BBC1 show, it was absolutely no different. Just about everything was sourced in the region, nothing was sourced from the high street, bar, the two sheepskin rugs in their bedroom. All the furniture were quality bespoke second-hand items and chosen so they could be restored, reupholstered and transformed specifically for Yvonne and Dan.

We use and continue to use,  skilled artisan local craftspeople, who are not part of major high street chains, but smaller independent businesses, which often get overlooked. We always advocate the use of independent local trades people and sourcing from independent retail outlets, as well as second-hand shops, car boot sales and vintage fairs. And of course, you have brilliant community-based portals, like Freecycle and Gumtree, which you can pick up items for free.  We also source at vintage fairs, which are located all around the country and throughout the year. The nearest to Newcastle,  being the IACF Newark and Arthur Swallow Fairs in Yorkshire, where unique and vintage items, can often be sourced. These fairs are very good value, but we would always suggest, go to a few first, before you plan to buy and become familiar with the layout of the sites and what is on offer. As there very big and can be somewhat of a visual overload for the novice visitor.

By not sourcing at high street and big named branded stores, where everything is just about produced in China, it means you can source,  the unusual at the very best price possible. Consequently, you can create beautiful, individual and bespoke rooms on a small budget. Interior Design doesn’t have to literally cost the earth, it just takes a bit of imagination and a lot of planning and lots of elbow grease. Rooms can be transformed to improve the quality of you and your families life and of course, you can add significant value to your home.

If you are willing to commit to that then, there’s no stopping you.  Think about what are your golden rules?  Are you wanting to optimise the functionality and use of a room? Or do you want to create more space and light?  Do you have any original features that you can enhance?  Be specific, what is your goal when it comes to Interior Design? Are you wanting more comfort? Do you want to introduce a particular style or want to increase the footfall of your home? Or are there just spots in your house that are totally underutilised and you would like to breathe new life into those areas? Whatever you desire and what styles you like,  it is achievable. We would suggest doing a mood board to assist you with your ideas initially. Include, styles that you like, colour combinations, furniture, materials and fabrics. There is nothing more satisfying that creating a room or a home that reflects your own personal taste and style. Go on give it shot, be your own Interior Designer!

BBC1 Show Your Home In Their Hands Bedroom Mood Board

Really give this thought, get your friends around to comment on your home and what they would do. Remember, there are also great resources online in the UK and in America, which can help you develop your ideas and give you confidence in your design. There are a plethora of before and after images to illustrate what other people have done in their homes, which is always encouraging and the many Interior Design blogs are filled with great inspiration and thought provoking ideas. We particularly like and, which is a fantastic resource if space is your issue.

We’ve put together a few details, with pictures, about each piece used in the show and have disclosed a few of our top tips of where to source and how to transform them.


The gorgeous French vintage bed was bought at the International Antique and Collectors Fair in Swinderby and was given a new lease of life with dusky pink, silk bought from a lovely shop, Absolutely Fabrics in Benton. The bed was reupholstered by Kraftwork Upholstery in Wallsend, who have reupholstered many items for the hotel and always do an excellent job.

French Vintage Headboard and Footboard with Silk

The decorative throw cushions for the bed were also custom made by Kraftwork and the fabrics and trims were sourced at Absolutely Fabrics too.

The finished bed with hand made cushions

The fabulous oversized Venetian mirror was bought at the International Antique and Collectors Fair (IACF) in Swinderby and was given a quick polish before being given pride of place on the wall, to make the room seem bigger and to bounce the light around.

Venetian Feature Mirror

The quirky, little boudoir dressing room chair came from the International Antique and Collectors Fair in Swinderby and was just perfect to enhance the romantic look of the Vintage Chic Boudoir in the bedroom.

Dressing Table Chair from Vintage Fair

The dressing table comprises of a sewing machine base, which was found at a storage facility by the side of the road! It was then shot blasted and re-chromed by Elite Powder Coatings to give it that lustrous and glamorous finish.

A Singer Base used for the Dressing Table

The marble top for the table was found at a salvage yard and it was secured for free! It was then cleaned up, sanded down, polished and honed by Marble Works in Gateshead to make a lovely smooth dressing table top.

To match the large Venetian mirror, a smaller one was chosen for the dressing table, this was found at Fern Antiques which is just up the road from the hotel, in The Antiques Village in Jesmond. To add further to the boudoir theme, a vintage hand mirror was sourced from Fern Antiques for the dressing table.

Dressing Table for Bedroom on Interior Design TV Show

The chandelier & mirror for the TV were found at a second-hand shop, Kasbah, in North Shields. The mirror frame was painted the same light pink colour as the walls and was used as a door for a wall cabinet to hide away the television (as so not to distract from the romance of the bedroom).

A vintage gilt frame was used as a door to conceal a television

The bespoke wardrobe curtain was made from elegant, pale green silk sourced at Absolutely Fabrics, where the curtain was also made by one of the talented members of staff.

Wardrobe Storage Area with Silk Curtain

The tall chest of drawers and jewellery drawers were also soured at IACF in Swinderby and were just cleaned and polished up before being put into the boudoir bedroom.

Vintage Mirrored Chest of Drawers

Assorted organising hooks, boxes and wardrobe accessories were sourced from TK Maxx: Home Sense in Gateshead Metrocentre. The idea was to make the wardrobe space as practical for storage as it possibly could be, so plenty of options were given for this.

Accessories in the wardrobeHanging Options in the Bespoke Curtained Wardrobe

The small hand held mirrors used to adorn the inside of the wardrobe were from Achica.

Mirrors and hooks inside the wardrobe

The stunning, feature fireplace was found at a salvage yard in Blandford Square, Newcastle, called Olde Worlde Fireplaces. It was then taken to be shot blasted and powder coated a gorgeous dusky blue by Elite Powder Coatings.

Feature Fireplace for Your Home in Their Hands

The beautiful foiled wallpaper was by Anna French and really worked in the room with its soft hues, which were colour picked for items throughout the bedroom.

Finished Fireplace with Foiled Wallpaper

The onyx bedside lamp bases were from a second-hand shop, Kasbah and were polished up before being put in the room. The pink, vintage lampshades used on these onyx lamps were from Ebay.

The dainty French bedside tables came from the IACF Vintage Fair in Swinderby and were already a nice soft colour, so were left how they were and just cleaned up nicely, ready to be put into the bedroom.

Vintage Lamps in Soft Shades

Again to add more practical details to the room, door hooks and a jewelled door handle were bought from a Graham and Green warehouse sale. It’s these finishing touches that really make a room sparkle!

Hooks on the door to add functional bedroom details

After a fair few tester pots, the subtle, soft pink paint was chosen for the bedroom walls. This was bought from Johnstone’s paint shop in Sheildfield.

An integral part of the design were the windows’ plantation shutters which were ordered bespoke from DIY Shutter Kits. They give the room a great finish!

Practical plantation shutters look great

Using local trades people and shops is very important to us, we want to support the North East as much as we possibly can, whenever we can!


BBC1 Interior Design Show Your Home In Their Hands

BBC1 Your Home In Their Hands

Your Home In Their Hands BBC1 Interior Design Show


The brilliant dining table base was found in the second-hand shop, Kasbah and was painted its stunning teal colour by Elite Powder Coatings. The table was finished off with a fabulous oval shaped marble top, which was skilfully made by Marble Works in Gateshead.

Fabulous colour pop teal blue table base

The finished table set up for tv show

The piano was a great find on Gumtree! It was converted into the desk you see it as today, by Raskl Design in Ouseburn and to finish off the converted, upcycled piano, it was painted by Elite Powder Coatings. Glass was cut by Heaton Glaziers, to cover the keys of the piano, to form a smooth desk area.

Upcycled piano in the Dining Room for the interior design tv show

The vintage garden chairs were actually found in the salvage yard, Obrien’s in South Sheilds, then to make them look great again, they were shot blasted and powder coated fabulous colour pop orange, by Elite Powder Coatings. The teal, velvet cushions were made bespoke by Kraftwork Upholsterers with the fabric picked from Absolutely Fabrics.

Dining Chairs for Your Home in Their Hands

The cute, adjustable piano stool was found at IACF in Swinderby and was painted the same teal colour as the table base, by Elite Powder Coatings. The piano stool’s seat was upholstered at Kraftwork Upholstery with vibrant yellow, ribbed fabric, sourced at Absolutely Fabrics.

Authentic Piano Stool for the Upcycled Piano

Ryan’s bench was sourced at IACF in Swinderby and it is actually made from parts of an old piano! It was painted the same soft grey as the piano by Elite Powder Coating. The cushion fabric was sourced at Absolutely Fabrics and the cushion was made at Kraftwork Upholstery in Wallsend.

A small bench made from an old piano

The vintage lamp stand and lampshade were found in Kasbah and the stand was painted the grey of the piano, by Elite Powder Coatings.

Tall lamp in the dining room for TV show

The chandelier was sourced from the second-hand shop Kasbah and the little vintage lampshades were found on Ebay.

The large coir rug was bought from Ikea and was chosen because of its hard wearing and easy maintenance properties.

One of the biggest additions to the dining room were the French doors from Be Safe Windows in Blaydon. These were the key to the rooms’ Outside In theme! They also give the room more function, especially in the Summer; when the doors can be opened up to the garden and the summer evenings can be enjoyed sitting on the dining chairs, which are suited for outdoor use also!

The feature wallpaper was chosen from Cole and Son, the Hummingbird design is where all of the colours were picked from, to really bring the dining room to life.

Anna French Bird Wallpaper

The oversized gilt statement mirror was from IACF Swinderby and was left how it was, as it worked so well with the rooms’ aesthetic.

All of the walls were painted with a soft blue paint from Farrow and Ball, this paint is called Borrowed Light and is one of the hotel’s favourites.

Little Ryan’s table and chairs were great finds at IACF Swinderby. The chairs were painted by Elite Powder Coatings and the table was polished up. The assorted frames, chalks and chalkboard sticker next to Ryan’s seating area were from Ebay. The little vintage-look frames were used to make an ‘R’ shape on the wall.

R shape in frames for Ryan

A seating area for Ryan and a friend

As this room was to function for a family, storage was obviously important, so to make a feature of this, orange storage baskets were bought from TK Maxx: Home Sense.

Basket for toys and storage

Another feature were the vintage cinema chairs, which were sourced from IACF Swinderby. The metal parts were shot blasted and powder coated a vibrant pink and the wooden arms painted teal by Elite Powder Coatings. The fabric used for the cinema chairs (also used for the piano stool and piano bench cushion) was from Absolutely Fabrics and chosen because of the colours that appeared in the motif. The cinema seats were reupholstered by Kraftwork Upholstery in Wallsend.

Upcycled and Reupholstered Cinema Chair

To continue the Outside In theme, a garden watering can and Walls Ice Cream container found at IACF Swinderby were used to showcase plants bought from Plants World in Gosforth.

Lavender bringing the outside in Lavender in a watering can

The fabulous blue glass decanter, candle holder, top hat and other little accessories were sourced from Kasbah.

Vintage bowler hat fruit bowl in the Dining Room photo 3 (1)

If you’re planning on a room refurb, and love the vintage style, then take a look at your local antique shop, visit local car boot sales and check out Gumtree, you never know what you might find! Of course, if you can go to one of the International Antique and Collectors Fairs then definitely take a look, you can get some really great deals there.

BBC Your Home In Their Hands Dining Room

Your Home In Their Hands

yvvone and dan lavery

BBC Your Home In Their Hands

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