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The Rosebery is a bed & breakfast Newcastle should be proud of! We have put lots of thought and love into creating the boutique environment of our hotel in Jesmond. We’ve also put a lot into the decoration of our ceilings, which many people forget. We could never forget to use stunning vintage crystal chandeliers in the interior design of the Rosebery B&B!

With so many hotels buying in mass-produced interior items we are proud to boast about our unique and hand sourced features. One of the recurring features at The Rosebery Bed & Breakfast is our selection of chandeliers. In total, we have 47!!!

Each chandelier in the hotel is hand-picked, which not only adds an element of personality and character to the hotel but also means that every single chandelier is different to the last. Each one is hand blown, restored and braced from the ceiling joists. Each individual droplet is polished once restored and then we use brass wire to attach them back onto the each arm of the chandelier. When you hit the switch the light bounces beautifully off the Venetian glass. They are a work of art in themselves and breathtaking (if we do say so ourselves.) In this setting, it is hard not to feel an element of luxury hidden in away in our boutique hotel in Jesmond, Newcastle. Lovingly restored we are very pleased that we have managed to rescue these gems of history.

Look Up

While you’re taking in the beauty of the chandeliers you can also admire the ceiling roses. To add even more character the ceiling roses are all original and handmade in 1905. As if the chandeliers aren’t magnificent enough, the ceiling roses somehow manage to give them a gorgeous finishing touch.

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Not only are the chandeliers totally unique for a B&B in Newcastle, but all the furniture and beds are too. The Rosebery Hotel is an ideal location for a weekend or night away with a loved one, who has a passion for interiors, repurposing and upcycling. There’s no other hotel in Newcastle that offers such a diverse range of interior led and unique rooms.

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