The Rosebery Hotel near Freeman Hospital Newcastle

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The Rosebery - One of the Hotels near the Freeman Hospital

The Rosebery Hotel is so near to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and there are a few ways to get there from our hotel. You can walk, take the bus, go by car or you can take a taxi. If you’re coming to stay with us at the Rosebery here’s a bit more detail on how you can get there. Remember, the Rosebery Hotel offers free unrestricted parking out front, so you can leave the car behind and avoid the charges to park in the hospital car park.

Hotel With Unrestricted Free Parking

Walking to the Freeman Hospital

Our hotel is so close to Jesmond Dene Park, which is a gorgeous place to take a stroll. In fact, to get to the Freeman, you can wander through the lush greenery of Jesmond Dene. The map on Google shows a route to the Freeman that takes (on average, dependent on your gait) 15-30 minutes, which takes you to the end of the Crescent and right onto Churchill Gardens, where there is a little path on your left, which leads to Benton Bank. From here, there are two possible ways to go, one takes you through the greenery of Jesmond and cut through the woodland, just off Red Walk, to get to Park Head Road and the other takes you on a more open route over Armstrong Bridge and along to Jesmond Park West, which you follow all the way along. Both paths meet up along Jesmond Park West, which then, further along, takes you over a roundabout onto Freeman Road and you’re there! It’s a really leisurely and relaxing walk, whichever route you choose to take. Also, walking is free and you can’t beat that!

Things to do while staying at the Rosebery

Taking the bus to the Freeman Hospital

If you don’t fancy walking, or if the weather has turned grim, taking the bus could not be easier. There is a bus stop located a minute away from the hotel and from here you can catch a bus directly to the Freeman Hospital. The bus stop is situated on the A1058 which you can get to, simply by turning left when you leave the hotel, then left again, then left again and you’ll be able to see the road, the bus stop is through a gap in the stone wall. The number 38 bus runs every 10 minutes during the peak hours of the day (perfect for visiting hours at the hospital) in both directions, so you can go to and from the Freeman as is necessary. The earliest bus is around 6:30am (just before) and the latest bus to get back is around 10:50pm (these times are based upon weekday service, for weekend service please click the ’38’ link to timetable). The bus journey only takes 10 minutes when the traffic is normal, so it really couldn’t be quicker!

Catch the bus to the Freeman from right outside the Rosebery Hotel

Getting a taxi to the Freeman Hospital

Taking a taxi to the Freeman is complete, door-to-door service. We provide the number of a taxi company that we always work with to all of our guests, it is written on the information sheet, framed in each room. If you need to be at the Freeman early in the morning, we recommend booking the night before just to make sure. The cost of a taxi to the Freeman Hospital will always be less than £5 (depending on how heavy or light the traffic is) and if there are a few people travelling at a time, this will be a great option to save some money.

Driving to the Freeman Hospital

If you are choosing to drive to the hospital, it only takes around 7 minutes and is really simple. You follow similar directions to walking, only you start by getting onto the bypass (A1058) and follow until a left turn for Jesmond Park West (this is the first turn). Then you simply follow this road until you reach a roundabout, where you take the 1st exit onto Freeman Road and the Freeman Hospital is on your right. Parking at the Freeman for long hours can be costly, so we do recommend some of the options above which allow you to avoid the parking costs at the Freeman which can mount up!

A Comfortable Stay at the Rosebery Hotel

As long as you’re staying at the Rosebery Hotel near the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, you’ll know that however you choose to travel, you won’t be too far away. Enjoy a comfortable stay with us here at the Rosebery!

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