Jesmond Dene

Walk in Nature

The stunning greenery of Jesmond Dene is just minutes from our hotel. Home to Pets Corner and some beautiful historical buildings and structures, including Armstrong Bridge, this is definitely a place to visit if you stay at The Rosebery Hotel.

Where Is It?

Jesmond Dene
Jesmond Vale
Newcastle upon Tyne

How to Get There

When you leave the hotel, turn left and head towards the church. Walk around the church (to your left) and then head down the hill until you get to the gap in the wall on the left-hand side of the road. This is the entrance to Jesmond Dene!

Follow the path down, then cross over the bridge. On your right, you will see a miniature Pet Cemetery and the river running to your left. The path ahead takes you towards Pets Corner which is next to a little cafe and shop, also, there is often an ice cream man parked up – yum!

What Is It?

Jesmond Dene is a beautiful park of greenery and the Ouse Burn runs straight through. You can take a scenic walk along the riverside and take a look at the old mill and the waterfall. There are some great photo opportunities amongst the trees and historical buildings.

If you stay with the kids (or even if you don’t) visit Pets Corner to peek at the bunny rabbits, goats, pigs and array of birds. There are no dogs allowed through the animal areas, but Jesmond Dene is the perfect place to walk your dog.

What's Nearby?

You can walk through Jesmond Dene and head to the Freeman Hospital, this is a longer route to take, however a much more scenic one.

Armstrong Bridge crosses over Jesmond Dene, designed by Sir William Armstrong, this bridge was unique in its time and still stands in all its grandeur. There are often markets which take place across the bridge, showcasing local crafts and foods!

Holy Trinity Church in Jesmond is right next to Jesmond Dene (and The Rosebery Hotel) and often has little events for the local community, but all are welcome to join.