New Furniture for the Rosebery Hotel

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We have been busily overseeing our Jesmond hotel’s renovation works, which we are pleased to say are moving on and we have been busy sourcing fantastic pieces of vintage furniture, including some superb Parisian upholstered bedsteads, that are truly sumptuous and a huge dresser for the dining room which will house the gorgeous array of blue and white china.

A fantastic Parisian vintage, velvet upholstered double bed:

New Furniture

This wonderful dresser is ideal for the dining room, just a case of getting home.

Furniture for the Rosebery

We have Venetian, vintage, hand-blown, glass chandeliers, which have been sourced from many places, and they do need a little restoration work, but will look fantastic when back to their original, sparkling splendour.

We have also sourced a couple of fantastic cast iron Edwardian baths, which need a bit of love but will look sublime in the new bathrooms, once original taps are fitted and the baths are re-enamelled.

New Furniture

Dermot the decorator has been busy, restoring the beautiful ceiling roses, Edwardian brass bed frames and a French armoire wardrobes.

New Furniture

The 22 pairs of curtains that we sourced from the Savoy Apartments (yes from the Savoy Hotel, which have private apartments attached to the hotel). Are wonderfully thick handmade silk curtains, which weigh a tonne. First For Fabrics are starting a huge job in altering them to fit our windows, they are even working overtime on a Sunday to meet our deadlines. So a BIG thank you to Julie and her team!

We have also had a glazier out to look at restoring the amazing stained glass and some of the glass in the overmantle mirrors, which have been in the hotel since it was built in 1906.

The carpenters are starting work on re-panelling the doors, which sadly lost their original detailing. MEH Flooring is out to measure for re-carpeting on Tuesday which is exciting.

The electricians are back tomorrow on their third fix; hanging the vintage Venetian chandeliers.

The rooms that are under development are having their bathroom fittings, fitted tomorrow and then the decorators can start on these rooms. All in all, it has been a good week, apart from the weather, so the exterior of the hotel could not be completed and a few leaks, which sadly has put a few more rooms out of action.

But… onwards and upwards!