A Fabulous Upcycled Piano

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If you’ve stayed in the Rosebery Hotel in Newcastle recently, you will have seen our fabulous upcycled piano in the porch. This vintage piano has been made into a great desk, which is the perfect storage space for our leaflets, some quirky ornaments and of course some little pots of sweeties for our brilliant guests! Oh and not forgetting, the perfect location for our guest book.

An upcycled piano in the hotel porch

You may have seen a similar piano on television recently… BBC’s Your Home In Their Hands showcased our first ever converted piano project and it turned out so well, we couldn’t wait to give it a go for the hotel!

If you’re looking for an upcycling project, then this one can be so much fun! Here are the steps we took to create both of our fabulous pianos.

Sourcing an old piano isn’t as difficult as you may first think, one of the first places we suggest you check is Gumtree, you never know what you might find. In fact, the piano that was made for Yvonne and Dan was found just there. What’s great about sites like Gumtree is that you can search for things that are local to you, which means you can collect your item(s) in person. Now, pianos are notorious for being very awkward/heavy to get moved out from a house, but if you have great people to help you, you’ll be fine.

The hotel’s piano was sourced from the International Antiques and Collectors Fair at Newark. There are loads of great Antique and Vintage Fairs all around the UK, and you’re certain to find some gems, a fair few of the hotel’s vintage pieces were discovered at these Fairs.

The team helping to remove the piano

As you can see, we attempted a little bit of deconstruction to try and make the piano lighter, however, we realised that pianos are made of stronger stuff! To get the best finish possible on the upcycling of this piano, we took it to our friendly joiner at Raskl Design in Ousburn, who used all the right tools to take out the innards without damaging the exterior. Some decorative pieces and shelves were added to really finish off the piano desk.

The converted piano, ready to be painted

Not forgetting the lovely inscription of Yvonne, Dan and Ryan’s names to really add a personal touch.

Adding a personal touch with names

With the conversion aspect complete, it was on to the painting!

Of course, we took it to our favourite place for painting, Elite Powder Coating, where many of the hotel’s pieces have been repainted to give them a new lease of life. As we knew where this piano was going, we could decide on a colour that we knew would work brilliantly in the room. A gorgeous, soft, neutral grey was perfect to allow the other colours in the room to really sing!

If you fancy giving the painting a go yourself, then make sure you sand the piano right down to a nice smooth surface for the paint to really have something to hold on to. If you’re feeling funky, then you could paint panels in different colours, or even varnish patterned wrapping paper onto it! The choices with all upcycling projects are endless.

The Piano prepared for paintingThe piano all painted and ready to go

The fabulous upcycled piano was given a gorgeous glossy finish to make it look absolutely perfect! The personalised inscription was enhanced by the shadows in the soft grey colour, the glass was sat flush over the keys and we could visualise all of the colourful accessories sitting nicely on the newly formed desk.

Wrapped up and ready to transport

Fabulous Italic Inscription

The finished piano looked amazing (if we do say so ourselves) with all of the bright and wonderful accessories on it and Dan and Yvonne absolutely loved it!

Dan and Yvonne with the upcycled piano desk

The hotel’s piano went through the same processes as the one made for Your Home in Their Hands, and we think the results were just as outstanding. We always love to use local businesses for our projects and building up relationships with local tradespeople can be very beneficial if you know you will be a frequent client of theirs (negotiating prices is always a plus point).

Keep an eye on our blog for more information on the upcycling projects we’ve been doing, there’s plenty more to come, so watch this space!!!

So if you’ve got an old piano knocking about, or fancy a new DIY upcycling project, this could be for you! Good Luck! We’d love to see your upcycling projects, so keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.