Terms Of Business

Terms & Conditions

The Rosebery is a unique, boutique bed and breakfast in Newcastle which has been lovingly refurbished and updated to the beauty that you see it as today. Please read our updated terms and conditions regarding booking with us, and your stay.


Please note you will be charged for your accommodation in full, at the rate agreed at the time of booking:

All Freeeman and RVI Hospital reservations, we have a “Special” dispensation and are very flexible with amendments, re scheduling and cancellations.


Please note ouur

  • Individual guests, please give notice of cancellation, 28 days prior to arrival or early curtailment.
  • For groups of between 2 and 4 guests, please give 60 days notice of cancellation prior to arrival or early curtailment.
  • For groups of between 5 and 10 guests, the hotel requires 90 days notice of cancellation or early curtailment, prior to the intended arrival date.
  • For group bookings of more than 10 guests, 90 days notice is required for both cancellation or early curtailment.
  • For the Magic Weekend, Ed Sheeran, all Graduation reservations, Great North Run weekend and other cited weekends confirmed at the time of reservation are prepayable and non-cancellable.
  • Some periods throughout the year are non-cancellable.

Such charges will be deducted from your debit card (inclusive of debit card charges) or a deposit.

Please note that the hotel reserves the right to take full payment off any card offered to secure accommodation.

If the card provided does not authorise, the hotel is, unfortunately, unable to process your reservation and guarantee your accommodation and your booking will be cancelled.

We kindly request that all cancellations be made by email or by recorded delivery letter, and confirmed with an accompanying telephone call. Only then a cancellation code can then be issued. Please note if a reservation is made via a booking agency, you will need to confirm your amendment or cancellation in writing with them also. Otherwise, it will invalidate your request.

By reserving with the Hotel, you agree to comply with all the terms of the hotel.

All terms supersede any Online Booking Portal, this is to include Laterooms and Booking.com + all of their affiliates.


Payment is made upon reservation.

Debit or Credit cards are required for all reservations with an accompanying billing address and security code.

All cards are subject to a 2.5% card charge, this includes debit cards.

We do accept AMEX/Diners Cards please via the booking portals, but booked directly with the hotel.

The bank levies a 5% charge on all card, the hotel covers 2.5% itself.

Guests can pay either by BACS or Cash. BACS to be made on the date of reservation.

All payment is taken at the time of reservation.

Any costs incurred by the hotel to repair will also be deducted from deposits/bonds/debit/credit cards, plus card charges. These costs are non-refundable

Behaviour Policies

Our boutique Newcastle hotel is completely NO SMOKING and if during your stay or upon departure, there is evidence of smoking, then the penalty is the full cost of the room once again, which will be debited from your card, including card charges.

The Hotel has a ZERO tolerance Policy for alcohol-fuelled behaviour and will not accept any abusive, threatening behaviour that disturbs any of our other hotel guests. If your behaviour is also deemed rude, intimidating or threatening by our staff, you will be asked to leave immediately without any refund. The same is true if any member of your party is under the influence of excessive alcohol at the time of check in.

Our bed and breakfast expect civil behaviour which respects both the staff, the hotel property and other guests. There are 19 CCTV cameras with full audio throughout the hotel to ensure that these expectations are met. If your behaviour is deemed to be outside of these expectations, we reserve the right to remove you from the premises. No refunds will be given.

The hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation prior to your arrival date if it deemed that your reservation is for an excessive alcohol-fuelled weekend.


Any guest who has caused physical damage to the Rosebery Hotel, the structure of the building, rooms or any fixing/decoration, will be liable for any costs of repair/replacement, plus management time costs and loss of revenue, if a room is unsaleable resulting from the damage, caused by a guest and or guests willful damage to the hotel’s property.

The hotel reserves the right to take such action for any claims, resulting in damage (wilful destruction of property) caused by any guest or any visitor of a guest at the Rosebery Hotel.

We would like to invite all our guests to respect the property and the staff at the Rosebery Hotel.

The hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation prior to your arrival date if it deemed that your reservation is for an excessive alcohol-fuelled weekend.

Check-In will be refused if there is 2 or more in a party group.