Using Vintage Cinema Seats as Household Seating

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If we had to pick a favourite type of seating, we would definitely choose vintage cinema seats! The Rosebery is full of fabulous upcycled vintage chairs, but the cinema seats always get peoples’ interest. We actually have vintage theatre seats in the hotel, from Newcastle’s Theatre Royal from when they were having refurbishment work done.

Vintage cinema seats have so much scope for imagination and the more seats you have to play with, the more adventurous you can be!

On the recent BBC television show, Your Home In Their Hands, you may have noticed quite a colourful cinema seat in the Lavery’s dining room. Here’s a breakdown of how you can create your own unique seating for your home.

The cinema seat used for Dan and Yvonne’s home was found at the International Antiques and Collectors Fair in Swinderby and started life as 3 connected chairs.

The chairs had to be deconstructed before any customisation could begin. Each element of the chair was totally refurbished. First, all the old material was removed, then the metal elements were deconstructed and then taken to be shot blasted and powder coated at Elite Powder Coating.

We always choose colours that give vibrancy and really bring the chairs alive. In the hotel, we use one stunning colour running throughout all the chairs, table bases and cinema seats, which is soft Dove Grey colour and marries well with the period of the building.

Separating the pieces of the chairs Taking the cinema seats apart for painting and reupholstering

When choosing the fabric for your seats, you need to have in mind the colour scheme of the room they will be used in, where possible, take swatches so you’re 100% sure that what you’re buying is right for the room. We went for this fabulous fabric from Absolutely Fabrics, it’s called ‘Pertelote’ and it’s by GP & J Baker, we love it! It had a lot of wonderful colour accents in, ranging from Cobalt blue, Canary Yellow and a vibrant Hot Bubble Gum Pink, which we picked up for the colour of the paint for the metal elements of the chairs. The chairs as a standalone really add a sense of fun and warmth to a young family home, like Yvonne and Dan’s.

Cinema chair fabric choosing

Because of all the colours in this fabric, we were able to be quite brave with the chairs colour choices, colour picking the stunning pink, scarlet red and vibrant teal. It may sound crazy, but it worked!

Powder coated pink cinema seats

Metal parts of the cinema seats being painted

If you have a local upholsterer, then definitely make the most of them. Kraftwork in Wallsend have been no end of help when we’ve needed some soft furnishings spruced up for the hotel and of course all the fabulous reupholstered Vintage French beds. There are local skilled artisan craftspeople, who work from small premises and don’t cost the earth and offer, more often than not the better service, than a large impersonal national chain.

All reupholstered and ready to go

The before and after, not bad, with a little bit of imagination and some hard work, you can transform the ugly and unloved into a unique and bespoke item of furniture for your home. By re-purposing, re-inventing and re-upholstering, you can without tons of cash, create stunning pieces.

cinema chair

When we did Yvonne and Dan’s cinema chairs, we also did one for the hotel and it sits pride of place by our fabulous up-cycled piano, which greet and smile at our lovely guests when they enter the hotel.

Vintage Cinema Chairs